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Settlement Youth

Culture and diversity are celebrated and intertwined into all of our programs at The Settlement. Our team work to ensure our programs are inclusive and respectful to all cultures, and to acknowledge and honour the historic connection that our programs have with the local Aboriginal Community.

The Settlement Youth

Our Youth Program is a service for young people aged 12-24 years old. We regularly support young people from our local Redfern/Waterloo community, and further welcome young people from out of area and external referrals.

Our team works to maintain an approach that is holistic, strengths-based, and person

“The workers are so supportive and always help out, we have talks one on one and sometimes in groups and I feel comfortable telling them anything and we always end up having a laugh.”
– Nariah, 17

Our Programs

Strong Minds and Healthy Spirits

Cultural Identity, Building Connection, and Immersive Camps

Specialised Individual Case management

Social, Health and Wellbeing

Settlement Youth Advisory Committee and Leadership Program

Skills, Education & Employment

Young People


Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander


Culturally and Linguistically Diverse

Occasions of individual case management

Youth Program Main Objectives


To build meaningful relationships with young people in the community where they feel safe to ask for help when needed through a strength based and trauma informed approach


To deliver programs developed, lead and evaluated by young people to ensure relevancy and validity


To allow young people a platform for their voice to be heard and to advocate within the community and beyond


To provide seamless referral pathways through strong partnerships with both local community services and experts to assure young people’s goals are not only met but expanded


To implement unique opportunities and inspire young people to explore their identity, culture, and wider world

Healthy Minds Strong Spirits

Strong Minds and Healthy Spirits is designed and implemented by young people and focusses on building knowledge, skills, and confidence, allowing participants to take control of their emotional and physical health and well-being. The groups have a gender specific lens that shapes the content making it relevant to all.

Through this program participants will:

  • Be empowered to shape and deliver a community project and build skills in leadership and confidence including communication skills and development in positive decision making.
  • Have improved access to and inclusion in community activities such as sport and recreation, cultural and other activities.
  • Build on their understanding of their own health and the ways in which they can ensure their own well-being both emotional and physical.

“Living away from home can be tough sometimes but The Settlement feels like a home away from home, where I can talk with Mob and just be myself”
-Tea, 16, Young Women’s Program

Cultural Identity, Building Connection, and Immersive Camps

Cultural Camps are run throughout the year. They provide an experience that encourages them to connect with their culture, unplug from city life and engage in various cultural, recreational, team-building and social activities with other young people and staff.

These camps are often connected to other programs delivered by The Settlement Youth Team including Leadership and Men’s and Women’s programs. Cultural Camps also provide an opportunity for partnership with other local organisations, bringing together the expertise from multiple staff.

These camps allow participants to:

  • Explore the local culture but also to build an understanding of how important their own connection to culture is in shaping their identity.
  • Build on living skills such as cooking cleaning and hygiene and have respite from daily experiences and technology.
  • Work on positive social skills including considerate communication, healthy relationship building and peer leading activity.

“Cultural camps are such a good time. Thanks for the opportunity, especially liked being able to look after the younger guys”
– Ethan, 17, The Settlement Youth Leader

Specialised Individual Case management

The Settlement Youth Team provide specialised case management and individual interventions developed with young people who are experiencing factors such as drug and alcohol issues, homelessness, family breakdown, mental health concerns and barriers to education/employment.

The Youth Team use a client centred approach to empower young people to set their own goals and provide a supportive environment to nurture positive opportunities and combat barriers that hinder achieving outcomes.

We have a no wrong door policy, providing young people with a safe place to come with any issue they are facing. The Settlement can also act as a referral service where specific help is required.

Some of the key areas young people come to us for support on include:

Homelessness and housing, Education, Health Court Support, Employment, Work Development Orders, Centrelink Support, Support Letters, Warm Referrals, General Support, Family Support, Information and Advice, Advocacy and many more…

“My caseworker has helped me with things I just couldn’t do on my own. They have been there for me and helped me become a better person. They have helped me get back on track when I was spiralling out.”
– Tegan, 18

“My caseworker has helped me by motivating me and encouraging me. They have made me feel positive and that I am able to achieve any goal with a strong mindset”
– Angie, 19

Social, Health and Wellbeing

The Settlement Youth Team have a large focus on young people’s physical and mental health as we know how important it is to a young person’s well-being.

These include:

  • Health info sessions
  • Weekly fitness and training program
  • Youth Led Health events including the annual Mental Health Week Event that sees upwards of 200 young people attend

Settlement Youth Advisory Committee and Leadership Program

Our Leadership Program engages the local Indigenous young people in the Redfern/Waterloo community to widen their gaze to future pathways and utilise the skills they can bring into their community.

The program supports young people to explore their identity, culture, inspirations and aspirations, and of course – how they think they can be a leader and role model in both their individual lives and in the wider community. The Leadership Program aims to foster new experiences and opportunities through a variety of social educational workshops, excursions to future pathway opportunities, and community engagement and volunteering.

It empowers participants to deliver Youth Led events and to give back to the local community and beyond.

“This Program has not only taught me more about where I’ve grown up but it has taught me to be aware of my surroundings, to listen to the many people I have met and will meet along the way… it has shown me how I can make a change no matter my age, no matter my gender and no matter where I come from.”
– Hayley 16

Skills, Education & Employment

Our team works to support pathways to employment in both individual capacity and within programs.

These services include:

Accredited transition program for the young people leaving school (participating in the School Support Program) where they will be supported to further education or employment and be assisted with workplace skills, formal CVs and interview tactics.

Learn to Drive Program: young people are supported to prepare for their learners test, build driving hours in a safe space and prepare for provisional exams.

“Getting my licence is going to change my life and the life of my family members. It’s so expensive to get lessons so it is so much easier just to go with the guys at The Settlement”
– Trinity, 18

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