The Settlement is place of safety and creativity, where aspirations can be realised and developed.

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The Sydney University Settlement’s programs sit at the core of what The Settlement is about.
Out of school hours activities for children, youth work, health, indigenous social and affordable housing are all programs conducted by The Settlement.

The programs are funded through state and federal government departments as described here. However there is a shortfall in the funding of some of the activities, which is why The Settlement is actively fundraising in the community.


homeworkEach afternoon two members of the team take the Settlement minibus to the local school to collect children for the After School Care Program. And each evening following the program, all members of the team ensure that each child is delivered home safely. This program consists of a range of interesting, fun activities and games with the opportunity for a child to practice their cooking, develop creativity via art, music and ceramics, try their hand at a range of crafts or utilise their energy bouncing on a trampoline or kicking the footy around in the back grounds.

During the vacation period a diverse, interesting and fun activities program is offered as part of our Vacation care Program. With activities ranging from swimming and ball games in the local park to learning magic tricks and a new song or two, visiting the local museum or learning how to turn a piece of cardboard into a work of art.

For the younger members of the family, each Tuesday the Save The Children Mobile Bus visits The Settlement and is on hand to engage with parents and their smaller children. Mats are rolled out, toys dispersed around the hall, and food is on hand for hungry carers and their children. This is a warm, inviting and safe time for all concerned.


Children are greatly valued at The Settlement and significant energy goes into ensuring each child who attends any of the programs is provided with a creative, safe and comfortably challenging experience.

Our programs are delivered by a professional, caring and enthusiastic team including paid staff, a number of university students and active volunteers.



musicDuring the school week between 3pm to 6pm each afternoon our Youth Activity Program includes a number of interactive short courses such as Mindfulness and Other Matter, Street Smart - Clay Works; Eva Foundation Cooking Class, Fitness & Fun and Staying Safe.

Youth Drop In also occurs on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. This is a time when young people can simply ‘drop-in’ to the Standing Firm youth space and have a chat with staff, a game of pool or table tennis, a cup of tea and a bite to eat. It is informal, and an opportunity to chat, share, and just be on site and be safe.

The Youth Counselling, Advocacy and Referral Service is ongoing. Young people can obtain access to information, support and advice any time during the day by phoning our youth workers direct, sending a text message, or calling in.

flower potsYouth Camps are held at least three times each year and provide an opportunity for young people to experience culture, fun and friendship in a safe and rather exciting fashion.

Case Management is also ongoing. This enables young people to address their challenges in a safe way with solid support and clear guidelines.

Homework Help is offered to young people twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. All young people have access to this service and are encouraged to participate.

The Settlement is committed to ensuring the best possible opportunities and support is provided to young people in the Redfern/Waterloo district. In line with this, professional, committed staff are engaged to deliver our programs and a team of enthusiastic and equally committed students and volunteers are on hand to assist.


paintingThis program is designed specifically to assist young Aboriginal individuals and their families to gain access to greater opportunities which support culture, enhance health, fitness and general wellbeing.

In line with this, at least three times each year young people who identify as Aboriginal are able to participate in Cultural Camps; 45 places are available each year. The camps usually run for three days and two nights. These are supervised by professional staff and a small pool of volunteers. Through these camps young people have the opportunity to explore their culture, country and connect with each other. During the camps young people also have the opportunity to engage in a number of physical activities such as water sports, across country bike riding and horse riding, tennis and football and they may participate in educational programs which deal with relevant issues as raised by the young people.

The Muralappi Program also provides a specific Referral, Advocacy and Casework Service, including court support for these young people.

To ensure the best possible opportunities are provided, Muralappi staff work closely with other community services The Settlement partners with, including Tribal Warriors, The Story Factory, Redfern Community Centre, WEAVE, NCIE, and HeadSpace to name a few. Have a look at our community directory here to learn more about the other community groups we partner with.


Everyone in the local community has a place and access to support at the Settlement. Job search support is provided, classes in ceramics, art and upholstery are offered, a knitting circle is enjoyed and space is available for meetings and gatherings. Individuals are able to come into the centre and gain access to information, resources and referral to relevant services.

backyardThe Settlement appreciates funding from the following government departments:

FaCS / NSW Family and Community Services, [Community Builders & Youth]

NSW Education and Communities [Vacation Care]

NSW Health [Muralappi]

The Australian Department of Education [OOSH].

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