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We are fortunate to receive funding from State and Federal Government departments - including NSW Family and Community Services, NSW Education and Communities, NSW Health and The Australian Department of Education. But this funding is not enough to ensure The Settlement continues to provide these programs essential to the community.

Every day, following After School Care, The Settlement bus drops children off at their homes saftly. Money raised during the 'Support The After School Care' fundraising initiative will be spent on wages for a part time casual bus driver to take the children home each night as well as to enhance the programs and facilities we provide.

The new cooking program we've started on Monday evenings are a hit with the local children who are finding their inner Master Chief, and we're growing our own herbs now in the plant boxes the children built during the recent Vacation Care activities.

The benefits these programs bring are immense and our ability to continue to invest in the services we provide depends on people in the immediate and in the broader community to give wither through donations or by reaching out to The Settlement and getting involved in some of the upcoming activities.

We are currently raising $30,000 to save The Settlement's afterschool and vacation care programs. Learn more

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